4 Sites to Buy Riding Jackets Online in India

Do you wear a motorcycle riding jacket when you get out with your bike ? It is always a good protection to wear riding jacket because of safety, style look like a pro biker and few more things. First of all, the safety features – it protects your skin, arm, shoulder joints, chest etc. There are three kinds of riding jackets. Based on the material quality, the weather condition and the riding activity.

The riding jackets comes in pure leather, the mesh jackets which are made of synthetic material, waterproof jackets with zipper made of Synthetic material. Also specialized jackets made for winter season, rainy season with 100% water proof. So where do you get them online ?

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4 Responses to "4 Sites to Buy Riding Jackets Online in India"

  1. Manish says:

    Add http://bikenwear.com to the list. They sell stuff at a very decent price,

    • Dhasarathy K says:

      Thanks Manish for referring. I got my self a riding jacket from them today.

      I have placed a link of the jacket above, do check it, its worth the price.

      • Suhail says:

        don’t bother with bikenwear. they sell fake items. ordered a jacket which was a total fake. now they are not willing to take back. say itne paise mein fake hi milenge. :(

  2. Rajesh says:

    Very helpful information. Thanks!

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