Test Driven – KTM DUKE 200 in Chennai !

Before going in to the review, I would like to thank Bajaj Auto for bringing this awesome piece of Engineered bike in to our own India.

Our team went to our KTM dealersip at Adyar, chennai for the sake of having a glance at our new arrival. When I entered in to showroom, I was pleased by the appearance of the beast and it just got in to me in a couple of seconds ! Being excited to have a ride over this beast, we continued gazing at the Duke 200 inside the showroom.

It all started , when I pressed its iginition switch over the handle bar. It started with a exhilarating grunt which you could feel almost every beat of it, from the inside.  The instrument cluster was too busy in displaying all the necessary information’s which you may or may-not want to know ! – who wants to see the cluster when am given the throttle to twist !! The duke 200 came with a good quality of finish on the whole with nice shining effect – value for money. The USD WP-Endurance front fork looks very worthy and the rear tyre which was making a mammoth presence when viewed from the rear added the excitement !

The riding stance is comfortable as well as a bit sportier kinda , you will get used to it in no time ! It was just like sitting over an Fz with your legs a bit backward towards the rear – a comfortable posture. The thing which I noticed was a good thigh support is being offered , which you guys would love to brake this baby harder – you get easily tucked in and definitely will get a better grip !

The exhaust note is just blat with an increasing tone at higher Revs. Once I’d shifted the first gear (1 down and 5 up – universal pattern) it started with good thrust initially, thanks to the good Power to weight ratio. The test drive track given to us wasn’t a hassle free, as it was unfortunately a School zone at peak time ! So I was forced to concentrate on the road instead of doing it over the bike! – poor Test drive road selection. However, I managed to pull the trigger out by doing somewhere around 90+ on a stretch over a bend!

The power is available abundantly throughout the entire range in all gears, the only thing is you need to keep this beast under your control. Straight stability is good aswell as the fast cornering of it. You will get a good grip which makes you to feel comfortable when negotiating corners .

Coming to the next important part is the braking ability of duke 200. The bike has a very good braking characteristics, you will get a solid feel from the front end while braking.The rear end also sports a disc which offers optimal braking under lesser time, I even went in to skidding a couple of times,  while trying to negotiate the speed-bumps during the course.

Having a kindof “Dahaka look” ( whoever played prince of persia series can understand this !!) but with a strict diet controlling techniques, makes this beast feather-lite and can be handled much more easier than I thought!
On the whole it felt really a good value for money , because it has got all the reasons you would like to buy-  good powerange and a sexier look with an awesome E.note(for passer-by’s). All you need to do is just have a test drive , start saving the money for this, if you are eager to go for this beast.

As of now, the booking amount is reduced to Rs.20,000 and will be around 1,34,000 (on road – Chennai).
I would like to talk about this bike all day- if you want though, just give me a call !

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5 Responses to "Test Driven – KTM DUKE 200 in Chennai !"

  1. Pravs says:

    Seriously lacking in looks. Looks too small and weirdly incomplete!!

  2. sanjay says:

    powerful in all aspects…powerful engine….great looks….best choice for 1.3L

  3. gyaneshsuresh says:

    thanks for posting the rate in Chennai i really suffered a lot to find the price please tell me the show room where you get the bike this is going to be my first bike please email me the address of the show room.

    • Indian Biker says:

      You can check with the Bajaj Pro bike showroom at adyar. For more details, you can use the contact form in the site to contact us.

  4. sonu says:

    toys r very costly in market

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