New 2012 Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS Launched in India

Previous post we had told you about the launch of New 2012 Bajaj Pulsar 200cc. As expected, it was launched today with stunning design. The Neat styling and next generation model named as Pulsar 200 NS. This time, Bajaj’s New Pulsar goes triple plug. It has raised above twin sparks to get 3 sparks. As you all know, Pulsar is officially one of the largest selling sports vehicle in Indian market and like every time, Pulsar brings a new innovative style and design factor to raise its bar yet again.

Blending the design from its Pulsar 135, a little bit from CB1000R, it has got the street fighter look. The New 2012 Bajaj pulsar 200 NS features a 200cc SOHC liquid cooled engine (closely with duke 200) produces a peak power of 23.5 PS at 9500 rpm and a peak torque of 18.3 Nm at 8000 rpm.

The New Pulsar 200 NS has a 6-speed gearbox with double downtube front end suspension and the rear gets a advanced Nitrox mono shock suspension. The engine comes with four valves and 3 spark plugs. Proudly can claim that this is the first vehicle with single cylinder and features tri-spark plug technology.

Bajaj claims a phenomenal mileage of 58 Kmpl at a constant 55 Kmph. When talking about technical specification of Pulsar 200 NS, its 2017mm longer, 1195mm taller and 804 mm wider. Has a wheelbase of 1363mm and ground clearance of 167mm. It weighs 145kg and has 12L fuel capacity.

17 inch alloy wheels with 280mm disc at the front and 230mm disc at the rear. Also it features a 100/80 tubeless tyre at the front and 130/70 tubeless at the rear. Bajaj claims that the new 2012 Pulsar NS can reach a top speed of 136kmph where 0-60 will fly by at 3.8 seconds while 0-100 will be achieved in 9.8 seconds.

So what’s your take on the new machine which is launched in India ? Pulsar 200 NS. Price will be unveiled in few months.

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46 Responses to "New 2012 Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS Launched in India"

  1. OMG !! superb, stunning, insane … I like the Copy from Front taken from CB1000r & Rear is a bit ok ..

    But still can believe it.

    Btw- what is the price of this bike ???

  2. from front it looks somewhat like XCD 135cc and bajaj pulsar 135 too……………..

  3. dream rider says:

    Glad to see that….
    Finally the traditional model of pulser is about to be change…
    and its awesome….

  4. Abhilash Abi says:

    I own a pulsar 200f…n i have been using it for 8moths now…i was the street king for 3to 4months bt aft d launch of cbr 250..i cant keep up with that powerful bike.!
    So i prefer bajaj shud release 250cc or above with unbeliveable bhp..plzzzzz

  5. Abhilash Abi says:

    Sry 220f k!

  6. waste, u better buy ktm duke with a cost of 30k more from this junk pulsar ns

  7. this bike look is nt much impresive. The fornt is more similar lik 135 and tail light also. Bt the average and speed is much exciting as claimed by bajaj

  8. nasim says:

    i like the new pulsar 200

  9. Byron Taylor says:

    Nice look, I will buy it within 3 or 4 month, I like it.

  10. Sky says:

    I hate BAJAJ bike’s… N i hate pulsar

    Bcz pulsar available in 4 models…
    1- 135cc
    2- 150cc
    3- 180cc
    4- 220cc
    now new pulasr 200cc…

  11. Rj says:

    It’s looks must be a little bigger according 2 its power. Other than its awesome.

  12. NIXXX says:

    I’M GONNA BUY THIS!¡!¡!¡!¡

  13. shabin kumar says:

    I’m sure this will be a huge flop in market like happened to pulsar 135. its cant be survived with yamaha bikes.

  14. Altaf Parkar says:

    even though my R15 v2.0 is less in displacement and fuel efficiency as compared to pulsar NS,
    my R15 is anyday better than this bajaj crap…..

    • SKZ says:

      we will see ,just wait till aprill 2012 end, and i dont see any reason for ur bike to be better, as r 15 is a fancy toy and nothing else,

  15. anyone seen this model on road ??? and wats the status of bookings ?

  16. Edy says:

    i’m gonna buy this……………………..

    ye kutch me kab aa rahi he?

  17. john says:

    hi i love pulsar because it seems that it is a good looking bike and good speed in it and the parts are available in market in cheaper price thanks Bajaj for the lovely bikes…………..

  18. raj says:

    puslar 200 ns is an awesome bike its really look like sports bike i like this bike very much

  19. sony says:

    i am not saying this bad but i think pulsar 220 is batter than this one ..

  20. Parvin says:

    I like this bike and i think it is the best bike. It can even beat yamaha bikes easily. And those how says this bike is junk or else i think they are feeling jealious.

    Otherwise it is one of the best bike.

  21. Pankaj says:

    Overall this is great bike…great specification…new features r fantastic. (tri-spark plug,single cylinder engine & nitrous mono shock suspension)…Its makes this bike awesome .The look of bike is good but yet it can be better than this…( 1 suggestion for bajaj they should stop making pul.135 & 150 its affecting the pulsar status)

  22. Robin says:

    The naked street bike design is very attractive but the tail light sucks. If the mileage what is claimed by bajaj is true then we have a great powerful bike at great price. Cheers..!!
    Anyways i will wait for honda CBR 150 for a test ride..

  23. Eddy says:

    It is look like CBR 1000R from the front

  24. Eddy says:

    Bajaj has raised its level to international

  25. dipta maldal says:


  26. hi frens
    I hope this bike will steal the market as a young man of 26yrs i personally feel the sturdy looks of new pulsar 200 ns will hit the off roads like here in darjeeling besides for sure the bike looks stunning in design,look at the single mono suspension what a masterpiece skills and side looks of the bike is too good but can we attach a mini leg guard and the one thing i notice about this bike is the head light which is somewhat not satisfying,anyways we can personally modify but i am gonna buy when this will come to my town.

  27. Nisar multani says:


  28. nata says:

    more maintance

  29. shaji says:

    buh guy’z have been u able to find the silencer anywhr in dis pic..?

  30. murad says:

    pulser 200ns available in bangladesh? pls say that…..

  31. islam khan says:

    es bike ka nepal ma first booking meri hogee insaallah

  32. UKR says:

    I have seen it on roads of pune..

    It does attracts ur eyeballs first as it comes 4m bajaj n 4m pulsar family… But soon u go thru it completely u tend to dislike it…

    Fuel tank looks disappointing 4m sideview(as in old fazer which looks like some China shit). Its missing d manly look bcoz of its angular design tank, small tyrs, semi naked back(d tail looks too lifted as in case of duke.. It looks like a moped without mudgards)…

    They have added 2 mudgards (its not show on above pics) which reads ‘pulsar’ on it….

    If it stands on its claimed performance i wd still go for it otherwise its better i go for duke or cbr as counting on complete brand value…

  33. avi says:

    i don’t know about pulsar 200 ns but pulsar 220 is awesome. pulsar is very popular in india. i love my pulsar 220

  34. Jaickie says:

    Really Killer in look and as per features described , its going to hit all the bars ,really . I am waiting for the price eagerly.

  35. Wasim Akram Jubayar says:

    This bike is really awesome…..How can i buy it from BANGLADESH….??? & whats the price in this bike in BD……if anyone know that plzzz tell me…….

  36. shreyash says:

    i want the price soon.i waanna buy this one coz its awesome

  37. Agnal says:

    I never expected the bajaj would create such a crap for the market…total waste

  38. Shajib says:

    is this available in bangladesh???

  39. Spumby says:

    nice bike, but not better then duke 200.

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