Yamaha Scooters to be Launched in India Auto Expo 2012

I am a proud owner of Yamaha FZS and I can say that Yamaha with its international standards and stylish design can sure be a leader in scooters sector in India. With a slight information from Yamaha CEO and MD of India, Hiroyuki Suzuki tells us that Yamaha is busy in developing their own scooters that are to be launched in India by Auto Expo 2012.

Yamaha has invested Rs.10 crore in Surajpur, Uttar Pradesh, India to assemble the scooters that are to be here in 2012. Something stylish, sporty and to beat the heavy competition Honda scooters which are moving good here in India.

It will be focused more on personal commuting, with stylish and smart design like Yamaha’s motorcycles that are sold here. In Indonesia, Yamaha has a market share of around 46 per cent, which is very close to that of Honda. I want to replicate that here in India as well, says Yamaha CEO India.


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14 Responses to "Yamaha Scooters to be Launched in India Auto Expo 2012"

  1. Amol Mahajan says:

    this bike in good design in our company I like this model.

  2. krishna swamy says:

    I hope yamaha will modern scooters with indian roads in mind with the experience of motorbike they will not do the same mistake as the did in bike, yamaha go for the kill with the stunning look
    and service back up. who said indians are price sensitive ? we need value for the money !

  3. rehan says:

    is yamaha launching the same bike as shown in the above picture.

  4. PARAG says:

    i would like to know more about the fetchers of the yamaha scooter and when it will available in indian market and what price in inr



  5. PARAG says:

    would like to see more pictures

  6. PARAG says:

    ok it is very gooooooooooooood news that it will come in indian market sooooooooooooooooooooon

  7. PARAG says:

    i hope it will accelerate indian market soon

  8. PARAG says:

    will heat scooterate market with brand yamaha

  9. true says:

    Why is Honda Aviator costlier than Honda Activa? Because Aviator has bigger 12-inch front wheel and telescopic front shockabsorbers.

    Only Activa and Pleasure have outdated front shock-absorbers. All other scooters including Access, Wego, and Rodeo have telescopic front shockabsorbers.

    Activa, Aviator, Pleasure and Wego all have 110cc engine. Only Access and Rodeo are more powerful with 125cc engines, which give better pickup noticeable when riding doubles.

    All current scooters have 10-inch wheels. Currently, only TVS Wego has bigger 12-inch wheels at both front and back. These bigger wheels handle road humps more easily and give better stability.

    Hope new Yamaha scooter has more powerful 125cc engine, telescopic front shock-absorbers, 12-inch wheels for both front and back, front disk brake, and sporty looks.

    We need better hardware. We dont need mobile charger and all that gimmicks.

  10. saifee says:

    lovely model would like to go for,please could i know when it would launch,will wait for it.

  11. Gazzali says:

    Hope It’s price will be reasonable

  12. saifee says:

    any launching period available

  13. shaheen says:

    can any1 say de date of lauch or when it wll b available

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